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Please note that our Camp Programs are for children ages 4 – 12 and for ABC Beach only.

Camp Schedule

Week 1 – Arts-N-ACTION!! Lights, Camera, ACTION! and Paintbrushes??

This week Our Creative Arts Summer Camp will have children exploring canvas painting during our “Fresh Paint” field trip.  We will then have fun dancing together at our “In the Mix” in-centre workshop. Club K will get busy with various art mediums, including making clay creations and paper mache face masks. Club G will immerse themselves in fun with tie-dye t-shirts, creating and acting out their very own plays, as well as splatter painting.

Week 2 – Theme: Inventor’s workshop

This week, children will explore the Bata Shoe Museum during our downtown field trip. Following this, the children will enjoy an in-centre visit from Mad Science. Among numerous other activities, Club K will be building robot model hands, designing, building and painting water slides, as well as creating their very own fossils! Club G will be using a variety of loose part materials to create planes, super heroes, bridges, and ski lifts, creations of their choosing and much more!

Week 3 – Theme: Earth and Space

This week, we will be heading out to Earthbound Kids to work with a variety of natural material for our field trip. As an in-centre visit, we will be hosting Astronomy in Action, during which we will explore the inside of a giant planet dome in our playground! Among many space-themed activities, Club K will be busy both crafting and painting paper mache planets, baking “solar system” themed cookies, and making Galaxy Jars. Club G will be busy with several activities, including making “Galaxy Slime” and “Galaxy Globe Jars”, as well as creating planet wind chimes.

Week 4 – Theme: Amazing Race

This week, children will be outside, surrounded by forest, climbing various rope structures that weave in and out of treehouses during our Tree Top Trekking field trip. Following this, they will get a sense of the meaning of teamwork during our Dynamix Team Building in-centre workshop. Among many sports-oriented activities, Club K will be designing their own Amazing Race obstacle course and sports store, creating their own foosball tables, as well as creating their very own road trip maps! Club G will have pillowcase races, make paper mache sports balls, and create their own sports store as well.

Week 5 – Theme: Lab Rats

This week, we will head to the Ontario Science Centre and watch an “Ocean” themed Imax Movie.  We will then have an in-centre visit from Mad Science. Club K will be exploring pulp by making colourful handmade paper. They will also experiment with magic milk, sugar water colour solutions, as well as creating mini tornados in a jar and rainbow clouds. Club G will be building erupting volcanos, experimenting with a baking soda and vinegar balloon challenge, performing a dry eraser floating ink experiment, as well as making butter, lava lamps, and stress balls!

Week 6 – Theme: Nature Wonder

We will explore the nature of High Park together during our field trip this week. Chamelea Centre will run an in-centre science-based workshop for everyone later in the week. Club K will walk along the boardwalk to collect natural materials and then create a variety of crafts using these natural items. They will also cook smores, create birdhouses, and craft flowers and sun catchers. Club G will head out on a nature walk to Kew Gardens, creating collages using natural materials with mac tac, performing an outdoor scavenger hunt, building natural bird nests, designing jungle maps, building forts, and making binoculars!

Week 7 – Theme: Cooking with Children

This week, we will be heading to the Stouffville Museum for our field trip. There, we will explore an old fashioned schoolhouse and log cabin, discussing how people lived far before our time. Additionally, we will be running an in-centre chocolate making workshop! Among many recipes followed this week, we will be making spaghetti, ice cream, popsicles, and grilled cheese!

Week 8 – Theme: Olympics

This week, we will be field tripping to Sky Zone, bouncing around and playing basket ball on giant trampolines! Dynamix will visit our centre to run a workshop centered around the meaning of teamwork. We will be designing and creating our own Olympic Training Centres, craft Olympic Torches, have egg and spoon races, create an ice-skating rink, and play balloon tennis!

Week 9 – Theme: Tech Whizz

This week, we will have two in-centre visits: Iced Education and a Photography Workshop. During these two workshops, we will build a variety of structures as well as experiment with cameras! We will be creating our own class music videos, making an army of clay aliens, creating robot puppets, as well as creating, shooting, and editing our own short silent films.