Connecting to the Webcam

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In April 2017, there was a significant change in the Google Chrome browser that affected the way parents connect to the webcams at our centres. Specifically, the default action for Adobe Flash – which is built in to Chrome – was changed to not run, and not prompt the user to allow it to run. As a result, many people are getting the “Error: No playable sources found.” error when trying to play the camera stream. The fix for this is quite simple:

At the top left of the browser window, click on the area with the lock icon (and may have the word “Secure” in green), just to the left of the webpage address. This will bring down a menu similar to the one shown here:

About halfway down that menu, there is an item called “Flash”. Click the down arrow next to that item and select “Allow” or “Always allow on this site”. Click the X to close that menu, and reload the page (you should be prompted to do so). That should clear up the issue. If that does not work, then by all means, please get in touch with me and I will help sort out the issue.

Note: this only seems to be an issue in Chrome. Other browsers, like Firefox and Safari which play Flash and HTML5 streams differently, have not been affected by this bug as the change was not made on our end.

Best, Graham