When choosing the best child care and Preschool, we believe the options are as simple as A, B, C



We believe learning and physical activity go hand-in-hand. Your kids will love our indoor gym facilities, Music, French and Sportball programs.

We help foster each child’s natural curiosity, sense of wonder and eagerness to learn. Infants learn to play, Toddlers play to learn and, by the time they graduate to Preschool, they learn to learn in preparation for Kindergarten



Children need lots of fuel to help them learn; visual, auditory, textural and physical. Teachers’ program plans and the ever changing school environment provide stimulating academic fuel to help each child reach her or his full potential.

For physical fuel, we provide fresh, healthy meals and snacks made from scratch every day by our caterers, Real Food for Real Kids. Ontario-grown, true-to-the-earth food without artificial colours, hormones, or fillers. Real food. Really delicious.

 Every child is remarkable in their own unique way and we believe it is incredibly important for each child to feel special and have their moment in the spotlight. Our badge program celebrates each child when they reach a milestone at their own pace, in their own way.



 Parents and teachers are a team working. Excellent communication is key to success. Regular face-to-face communications, secure webcams in the classrooms and real-time electronic reports with photos, all help build a successful childcare team

Community: We believe it is important for children to know the merit of helping others from the start. Children at ABC Academy  participate in local community events and philanthropic initiatives with the values reinforced in classroom teaching.

Monthly character traits such as patience and sharing are taught, modeled and celebrated to help reinforce what children are learning at home, and aid them in developing a strong moral compass.



ABC Academy implements an inquiry based curriculum

Our programs and activities are geared toward your child’s interests and developmental requirements. The curriculum is guided by a number of different play-based teaching philosophies. 


All of our programming is crafted to meet the developmental level of the children in the classroom, ensuring all children are stimulated, challenged, nurtured and can achieve the thrill of success.


Boys and girls different learning styles are factored into teaching methods to ensure that children learn the most effective way for them.


So much to learn, so many ways to have fun: music , French, math, science, art, cooking, social studies, character education, weekly Sportball© classes and so much more.


Protected learning times every morning and afternoon split into small breakout groups; one focused on phonics and the other focused on math and science.

 Jolly Phonics© program: a fun, child-centred approach to teaching literacy to young children through synthetic phonics with actions to the 42 sounds in the English language.

Tactical Kindergarten preparation: using JK nomenclature, practise “packed lunches” to ensure children can manage a lunch box on their own, speaking in front of a class, navigating school hallways with a buddy and more.


Technology is used to give parents instant updates, supporting strong communication across the parent-teacher team. 

Software developed in-house for daily reports on a child’s day with real-time updates on how a child has eaten, slept and used the loo

Computers in each of the Preschool classrooms are used to help with literacy, numeracy and to help fuel the children’s sense of wonder and inquiry


The healthy and delicious meals and snacks for the children at ABC Academy are catered by our award winning partner, Real Food for Real Kids© (RFRK)

Started in 2004, Real Food For Real Kids is a good food social enterprise and a pioneer in delivering delicious and truly nutritious food for kids in childcare centres, elementary schools and camps. They focus on sourcing fruits, vegetables, and products grown and produced locally. Today, RFRK prepares and delivers real food meals and snacks to over 15,000 children across the GTA. To learn more about RFRK’s mission and their Real Food Promise, visit:

To receive RFRK’s monthly newsletter with monthly menus, parent resources, delicious recipes and food tips, visit:

View a pdf of our menu:

Menu Sample


ABC Academy firmly believes in the importance of getting involved in its local community

We believe in the importance of teaching children from an early age the value of helping those who are less fortunate. The community outreach projects involve the entire centre, all ages, and all locations.

Monthly character traits are tied to in-class activities to aid in the development of a strong moral compass

A sample of what we do:

Toonies for Jammies
Terry Fox Walk
Thank a Soldier ProgramToy Drives – Food Drives


ABC Academy first opened it’s doors at 18 Melrose on March 5, 2007. The centre was founded by a mum and business woman who built ABC to have the optimal place to help care for her children.

She wanted to create a beautiful facility with nurturing staff and programming encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle with a strong academic focus. But most importantly, she wanted her kids to love it (…and they did).

Diana Cerepnalkovic

Area Director

Diana has been with ABC Academy since the doors opened. She looks after all of our centres, knows almost every family that walks through the doors and is frequently seen dropping into a classroom. The ABC experience for parents and children is warm and nurturing. Diana’s role is to empower and coach Early Childhood staff to foster that environment.

Diana’s individual education philosophy is built around play based learning environments. Believing strongly that play gives children the opportunity to experiment, engage, socialize and learn, Diana loves the ABC Academy tagline….learn to play, play to learn, learn to learn. That sums it up!